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Monday, January 9, 2012

Such an Exciting Sunday!

We are so pleased to announce that the Broncos overpowered the Steelers (can you believe it) in overtime on Sunday! That was so exciting! Good luck against New England on Saturday, Denver!

During the family viewing (read:screaming, yelling, jumping around) of this amazing game we had a visit from my friend, Jessica, and her husband, Shawn. Jessica and I took cake decorating classes from The Makery together. She is a transplant from Chicago so we have the shared experience of establishing a new home recently. Jessica loves art and even incorporates that into woodworking! She is amazing! So, of course she is an artist when decorating also. 

Jessica recently began baking and decorating cookies and cupcakes under the name "Sugar High" in Denver. So her visit was especially joyous! She brought some of her goodies for us to sample! Score!

Even the boxes are adorable!
 Jessica brought two types of cookies and two types of cupcakes! The decorating was so sophisticated. We'll start with the cookies. 

All the beautiful cookies!
I opened the box of cookies to show everyone at home and the painted flower cookies were on top. I thought those were amazing. They have so much detail and each one is individual while continuing the theme throughout. The pale blue/grey/silver coloring is amazing. Love them!
Painted flower cookies
It wasn't until I began to take pictures that I found out there were actually two layers of cookies! Bonus! On the bottom of the box rested the most beautiful surprise! Hibiscus cookies! They look just like the ones in Hawaii! A little vacation in a cookie box! 
Hibiscus flower cookies
I was so pleased with my treats and special "finds" but realized that I needed to move along to the cupcakes. As I arranged these lovely cupcakes I was sad to find that I had crushed the beautiful white chocolate hearts that were delicately placed atop two of the cupcakes. Sad... So I don't have the hearts to show you. You will just have to take my word for it that they were gorgeous and and I DID NOT EAT THEM before pictures! Honest! (there is just the littlest remnant on the top left cookie as proof that it was there!)
Yummy red velvet with white flower icing and chocolate chip cupcakes with chocolate fudge icing
Now Jessica and I both have a mantra (we are both equally obsessed), "It may be beautiful but it is meant to be eaten, so it must taste amazing". Now to the favorite part of the sampling! Tasting, of course!

The cookies were a wonderful consistency with lovely not overly sweet taste with just a hint of citrus. The cookies were the perfect taste to support the sweet icing. My husband is extremely picky about the taste and texture of baked goods (gee, do you think he has to taste too many?) and declared these cookies to be one of his favorites. They reminded him of the yummy Christmas iced cookies that have plenty of icing (a major requirement for him). Well done, Jessica!

There were two flavors of cupcakes; red velvet and vanilla with chocolate chip. The chocolate chip was supported by a wonderful vanilla cake that was moist and flavorful without being overly soggy or heavy. I would have liked more of the tiny chocolate chips but that is probably because I'm a chocolate freak (Jessica must have heard me because the other vanilla cupcake was filled with chocolate!). This cupcake and icing were a wonderful combination. The red velvet was delicious (red, not brown like mine) and had a wonderful cream cheese filling in each! Nice surprise! Success! 

I want to wish Jessica, and Sugar High a sweet future with their cupcake and cookie offerings. You are a wonderful baker, Jessica, and extraordinarily creative decorating artist. Thank you for sharing with my family!

If you want to see more of Sugar High's offerings please email Jessica.


  1. Wow! Absolutely gorgeous cookies and cupcakes!!!

  2. Oh my goodness! I am JUST catching up on my blog-reading for the week- Jessica has such talent! I cannot even imagine how much time and effort go into these sweets- as the "semi-homemade" baker, this is astounding!Lucky you guys too for getting a chance to taste test and enjoy each one!

    1. Maybe I can talk Jessica into sharing when you come to visit. Matt would love her cupcakes!

  3. These are amazing...great option for 'wedding' desserts! Truly impressed!

    1. Reminds me of your beautiful wedding!