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Friday, January 6, 2012

Easy-Peasy Cookie Cake

Hi all!  
My name is Kelly, and I consider myself a "not-even-amateur" baker! 
I started baking in college and now it has become my stress-relief and is {perhaps} cheaper than therapy?
I am so honored to have been asked to contribute here on Kits Cakes.  
To even be considered among the rest of these real-life culinary queens is astounding! 
Along those same lines, I have to preface this post with the fact that I like things that are:
1. Yummy
2. Easy {and variable}
3. FAST!
This inaugural cookie cake post fits the bill!

I wish I could take complete credit for this recipe, but my girl Betty Crocker {and her amazing cookie mixes} should really get the kudos for this recipe mash-up.  As my husband would tell you, I am an "adventurous" baker in that I like to mix things up and see what happens! This cookie cake was created on a lazy Sunday afternoon when all I could find was a bag of sugar cookie mix and some other goodies hanging around in my pantry. Well, thank goodness this recipe didn't turn out badly, because it has been one of my go-to desserts ever since!

Your ingredient line-up looks like this:
- 1 bag or box of cookie mix*
- 1 Cup of graham cracker crumbs**
- 1 Cup {2 sticks} Butter
- Toppings ***

*{Any flavor will do, and I prefer Betty Crocker, but Target, and even Walmart make their own brands for cheap!}
**{I have also used Teddy Grahams, vanilla wafers, and even ginger snap crumbs in the place of graham cracker-just grind 'em right up in your food processor, blender, or even with a good pounding of your fists}
***{again, substitutions are endless- I have done chocolate chips, peanut butter chips, marshmallows, and even just icing as toppings!}

You all set with those {incredibly loose} guidelines?? 
Alright- let's BAKE!!
Set your oven to bake at 375-degrees

{Step 1}
Take your cookie mix of choice and combine with your cookie crumbs in a large glass bowl
Cookie mix + graham crumbs
{Step 2}
Melt two sticks of butter in the microwave {see FAST and EASY!} and add to your bowl of dry ingredients
Buttery Heaven!
{Step 3}
Mix the butter into the dry ingredients really well with a fork
Very delicious goop!
{Step 4}
Pour the mix into an UNGREASED 9x13 inch cake pan
This is where I pretend to use utensils
{Step 5} 
Smoosh the mixture down with a Spatula- because we NEVER use our hands for things like this right? Wrong!
Hands are perfect smooshing tools!
Now pop that baby into the oven to bake for 25 minutes 
{oven times may vary so check at the 23 minute mark to be sure there's no burning edges}.

While the cookie cake is in the oven, you can assemble the things you want to top it with.  
This time around I had a 16 oz. bag of chocolate chips {unpictured} and some chocolate-covered peanuts.  I put those chocolate-covered peanuts into a sandwich bag, grabbed my trusty rolling pin, and beat the deliciousness outta those little guys!
So Pretty
 25 minutes have passed {don't you just love internet time?!?} and the cookie cake is ready for toppings

{Step 6}
Pull that cake out, and pour the bag of chocolate chips onto the hot cake, being careful not to burn your fingers! After about 5 minutes of setting, slather the chocolate around on the cookie:
Liquid LOVE!
 {Step 7}
Throw those crushed-up chocolate-covered peanuts on top of the melty chocolate like so:
Right out of the sandwich bag is SO CLASSY!
It looks like miles of chocolate and peanuts!
 {Step 8}
Cool, cut, and devour!

**OF NOTE: This version did not require additional baking or toasting.  However, when I do a s'mores version, all of the baking techniques stay the same, but to get a nice, toasty marshmallow, you will need to add the marshmallows in the place of the chocolate-covered peanuts {on top of the slathered chocolate chips} and then place the whole dish back into the oven under the broiler for 10 SECONDS...any longer and you will have charred mallows. 
This is from experience :o)***

Happy Baking everyone, hope you'll come back again soon!


  1. Wow, Kelly, what a great recipe! I love how delicious your cookies look, how easy it is to vary the recipe with whatever you happen to have on hand, and how easy they are to make. I also think that the captions on your photos are brilliant! I am definitely looking forward to reading your future posts!

  2. Thank you for joining us here, Kelly! I love your easy recipe that looks so delicious. This is one that will come in handy. Also love your photography and captions. So cute. You are quite the writer and baker. Please join us any time you feel the urge!

  3. Thanks ladies! I {sometimes to my detriment} love to make up things on the fly and also write about them...Debbie- i think you and I may be long-lost family with the tendency we both seem to have for switching out the ingredients in things! Love to vary a tried and true recipe for sure!