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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

So Happy with Happy Cakes!

After watching a short clip of Martha Stewart's cupcake week I had to visit Happy Cakes Bakeshop here in Denver. They received an honorable mention on Martha's show for their Cosmo Cupcake. It is a wonderful vodka soaked (really!) cranberry cupcake with lime infused butter cream frosting. Yum!!
The amazing Cosmo Cupcake~Martha loved it!
I had never visited this area of Denver on West 32nd Street before so that was one more treat I discovered. The shopping area is about a two blocks of locally owned shops of every kind. This is a great area to stroll and enjoy the art, food, books, clothes, jewelry, furniture and many other eclectic items you will find. It is surrounded by a very supportive vintage neighborhood of restored victorians and older homes. So cute! Very nice vibes!

Cute little courtyard in front of Happy Cakes

The Happy Cakes Bakeshop is tucked back in a courtyard where, in nicer weather, you can sit and enjoy your cupcake while reading a book from the store next door. Can't wait for the summer to do just that!

This is the counter of Happy Cakes Bakeshop

As I entered the door of the bakery, my true journey began. I was immediately greeted by a smiling helpful attendant, named Carly. There was not a single question that I asked that was not answered thoroughly and with a smile and animated details. Not only did the environment excite my baking senses, so did the conversation. The owners Laura Reynolds, Lisa Herman, and Sara Bencomo have set  an environment where people are happy to work and it shows when you enter the bakeshop.

The shop was so clean and sparkling it was fun to explore. They have adorable aprons, pillows, cards, onesies, and t-shirts for sale on one wall but my interest was drawn to their sprinkles cupboard. So cute and complete! If you want to order your cupcakes for an event you can choose the sprinkles also! So personalized!

Brother Bill and I ordered a half dozen cupcakes (Yes, we took them home to share with Mike rather than eating them on the spot as we could have done! Oink! Oink!). We chose red velvet, Cosmo (of course), cherry coke (Bill's fav), peanut butter chocolate chip (Mike's Fav), Happy Together  and Black and White. At the taste testing later that night, we found each one unique and delicious!
All my happy little cupcakes together!
I've already explained the Cosmo cupcake and the peanut butter chocolate chip are both self explanatory. However that does not describe the taste. Awesome! Amazing! Wonderful!
Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip

Red Velvet with Cream Cheese Frosting
The Happy Together and Black and White are both combinations of chocolate and vanilla. However, they are each unique. The Happy Together is a chocolate cupcake with vanilla cream. Black and White is a marble cupcake with both chocolate and vanilla icing twisted together! Delightful!
Black and White Cupcake
Happy Together Cupcake

Last, but not least was the coveted Cherry Coke Cupcake. Bill scarfed that one before I got a taste (no surprise if you know Bill) so that leaves me the delightful option of going back to try it another day! Cool!

Cherry Coke Cupcake

We happened to visit Happy Cakes on a Friday. Each day of the week they have a different variety of cupcakes. Friday is a "Happy Hour" day! Since it is the end of a long work week, everyone needs a cupcake with alcohol in it, right? Just so you know, this is not a bar...If you visit on a different day there is a different theme. And on Tuesday you can get your cupcakes for $2.00 each!! Two Dollar Tuesdays!
Check out the menu at the end of this post!

Needless to say, I would highly recommend Happy Cakes Bakeshop for any cake-like needs. They do have a whole variety of other baked options such as pies, cakes, French macarons, whoopie pies, bars, cake truffles and soooo much more. If you live in Denver you must make the trip down to the West 32nd St. area for a delightful visit and a yummy escape! 


  1. Wow, I think I'm in love with Denver! You guys have the best bakeries ever... I want to try all the delicious cupcakes!

    1. You come on over and we will taste test them all!

  2. Love your description of the store atmosphere and the yummy cupcakes :)

    1. Elizabeth, when you and Cory get to Denver we can visit the breweries and and bakeries! Sounds like fun!