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Friday, April 20, 2012

Happy Easter! Or Should We Just Call it Mother's Day?

Hoping everyone had a wonderful Easter/Passover holiday! We've been so busy here with a new job in an awesome bakery and a sick hubby that the poor blog has been neglected by me. Luckily, Kelly and Debbie have been very busy keeping this blog alive. Many thanks to Kelly for the amazing new look to our blog and the wonderful recipe for S'more Cookies. She is not only creative but also so funny! Debbie is the baking queen this month with several wonderful posts that I have promised myself to try but still have not gotten to yet!! I will eventually get my day in the kitchen and whip up that fantastic Carrot Pineapple Spice Cake and the wonderful Chocolate Cheesecake Brownies (only Nigella Lawson could think of such a wonderful combination!). Thank you both for being so willing to pick up when I dropped off!

One of the many things that I have been working on lately is new cupcake decorations. At our bakery we are not only a full service bakery with wonderful special occasion cakes, we also give lessons, classes and special project classes. We have drop-in decorating where you come by, pick your cake, pick your icing colors and decorate to your hearts content. Imagine that you can have a beautiful cake that you decorated without any baking, filling, or frosting. That very cool concept came to the owner, Desiree Kelly, and she has quite a business going at The Makery. It is great fun to be involved in this concept and learning the business at the same time.

Now, back to the cupcake decorations... On three afternoons each week we have hour long project classes that are each designed to allow participants to produce a particular baked and decorated project. Some of the cool ideas include a variety of cupcake and cupcake cake classes, mini wedding cakes, spray painted cakes, and fondant animals, etc. {Check the calendar if you want so see some of the other ideas.} Since I am a newbie, I've been working on some ideas for cupcake classes. I've worked up some "Under the Sea" ideas:
There are a whole school of these cute little fishies!
Monsters, Inc. ideas:
This monster has toothpicks for ears. Not such a great idea around little children!

So this guy has candy ears and a tongue that sticks out!

Another group of cupcakes have a little spring in their step and plenty of bunnies for Easter!

Oh yes, and finally some cupcakes that will be ready for Mother's Day! See, I'm not always behind on everything!

Since I could not just give up on cakes and exploring new recipes, I will have to post some pictures of the cakes I've been working on and save the many recipes I have found for later. Hope it is not too much later considering this post has taken me months to get finished. Embarrassing! 


  1. Wow, gorgeous and very cute cupcakes! The classes The Makery gives sound like a lot of fun, too!

  2. I LOVE the "fuzzy" cakes...I think I could even manage those decorations! Loved this post, and I have another post in the works from all of this crazy travel I have been doing {including some yummy cupcakes} although these decorations take the cake I think!