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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Berenstain Bears and Cakes!

Jan Berenstain died on Friday. She and Stan wrote more than 300 books for children between the age of two and 12 or so. My children's memories of the Berenstain Bears will include many hours of cuddling up together to read the books long before the girls were old enough to read by themselves, collecting as many titles on their shelves as they could cram in, and the Berenstain Bears being the first books they could read themselves. So, yes, I have many fond memories of the Berenstain Bears. The lessons those bears taught could get across to the most beligerent student I ever had. Thank you, Berenstains!

I'm hoping someone out there with more cake and cookie decorating skills than myself has created  reflections of these wonderful bears who taught us so much about how to treat others and how to be healthy ourselves. So, here goes the search!

Check out the Berenstain Bears Tree House Cake on Apartment Therapy! So adorable and creative! Makes me want to play with my food!
The Berenstain Bear's Treehouse
This is another example from Cake Central by the artist Seedrv. This artist used 5 inch cakes for the tree top, 3 inch cakes for the trunk and a 9 inch oval base. The  leaves are made from a William Sonoma pie crust cutter. Pretty clever, huh? 

Seedrv's Tree House for the Bears

There are many examples of the Bears on cakes which were done with edible images or with the assist of a camera. Though they are still difficult to create I prefer those that are from the imagination! Here are a few well made images. 
From ""
by Audrea 
(Ashland, Ky)
From "Mother to 4" on the Wilton Site

How about some cookies or cupcakes???

These are already prepared toppers for cookies and cupcakes, in case you just want to get them out the door for the kid's class. They can be found on Art Fire, Sweet n' Treat.

If you carefully read the obituary for Jan Berenstain you discovered there is good news! Although Mom and Pop are gone, they taught the little ones well. The sons, Mike and Leo, will be continuing the series with 19 new titles this year! Now that is a legacy!! 

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