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Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Search for the Perfect Christmas Cupcake!

Instead of taking cookies to the Special Olympics Bowling pot luck next Saturday, I decided to find a perfect holiday cupcake. There are certain requirements for the cupcake to be "perfect" and meet all my needs. It must be fairly simple and quick to make a large batch, it must be easy to transport, and most of all it must NOT include that wonderful holiday staple- flaky coconut!! I find flaky coconut to be a cop-out when baking. It does cover anything but usually tastes like cardboard (personal opinion).

After a great deal of tip-tapping the keys I did find some ideas that would really meet my requirements and be adorable. So, hopefully you can be sparked by some of these inspirations and head to the kitchen yourself!

Mommy Topics had some simple and cute cupcakes in her Santa's Crew Cupcake group. Take a look at her Rudolph and Frank the Elf cupcakes. They will bring a smile to any face and warm even the iciest of hearts!

Bakerella has put a wonderful twist on the Christmas Tree cupcake like the ones from Martha Stewart. I like the look of the tree above the stem and the cute presents below the tree. Even the ornaments bring some spark to the design. However, I'm not sure I have the time and energy to produce 60-80 of these. But they really are adorable. Maybe a little twist on this idea would work?

Once again, Martha Stewart comes through with a realistic, appealing design that is simple and can be produced quickly. And no coconut!! Winner!

If you like using fondant decorations, which I often do, these cupcakes from MG Party Impressions will tickle your fancy! Fondant decorations can take as little or as much time as you want to spend on them. It can be as simple as roll and cut or you can add ruffles, royal icing details, or multiple layers to fancy them up. Whatever you do, remember to make them at least 24 hours ahead of decorating time! 
These are adorable examples of the many ideas MG Party Impressions has collected. 

I will continue searching and sharing. I'll let you know which ones I make and how they turn out. I'm thinking maybe some red velvet cupcakes with the holly design or maybe chocolate with the fondant decorations. What cupcakes are in your near future?

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