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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Piping STRAIGHT Lines with Royal Icing

You already know of my love (would you say obsession?) for all the fantastic baking blogs but there is one thing that puts the icing on the cake in a blog- Video Directions!!! I am such a klutz that the only way I can learn is to be shown, then practice, practice, practice! Well, I've come across a wonderful video on Sweetopia that will make my decorating with royal icing much easier and more accurate. Marian does a wonderful job of clearly directing a doodoo like me on How to Pipe Lines With Royal Icing.

Love the effect of using different colored lines to make the graphic designs. Wonder if I will ever get fast enough to ice a batch of cookies? Looks like another new challenge. Check out the directions for these cookies on the same site!! Two for one! Love Sweetopia!


  1. Very cool video! I want to try this sometime. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Come on over and we can pipe lines all day!