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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Bakerella's Gingerbread Heads

I love that I've already gotten several new ideas from friends and family since beginning my baby baking blog! Cherie Orrell, my son-in-law's mother (there should be an easier name for that relationship-friend??) is a fabulous southern cook and baker. I've heard from her son, Jeff, and my daughter about her wonderful food. She was kind enough to share her recipes for cornbread stuffing and peanut butter pie this Thanksgiving. It was wonderful to try to present some familiar family dishes when we all got together.

Now she has shared a wonderful cookie idea she found on Bakerella . These gingerbread heads take so much of the intensive work out of decorating holiday cookies but still have the look of something that took sooo much time. And, as a former teacher, I like that they do not reflect any particular religious leaning so they can be presented to all the students in the class without excluding or hurting feelings.

Additionally, as Bakerella notes, these are smaller so you can produce more and we all know that more is great on the cookie plate. These are definitely going on my plates for the pot luck next Saturday!

Please keep sending me ideas. I can't wait to try them and to share them. Now back to my baking!

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