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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Something Old, Something New...

Welcome to my brand new blog. I hope you will find some great ideas for baking at high altitude, links to other fantastic sites, and tutorials as this site develops.

Something old is baking. Yes, it has been accomplished by many others much more talented than myself, however, this is my blog so it will include my most exciting experiences (though not all will be successful). I've been baking since I could reach the kitchen counter with a stool to boost me up. My mother was well known in the many places we lived for having the most wonderful pies, cookies, cakes, and yeast breads. She baked so often there was never a day without a sweet and yummy desert at home. She tried her best to pass along her talents to me, her only daughter. But alas, we don't always listen well to our mothers, do we? So, I've had to improve my skills the hard way (practice, failure, practice). My Mom passed on a wonderful set of basics and I've only now felt the confidence to become more creative and risk failure.

Something new is baking in Denver, Colorado. We moved to the mile high city less than a year ago and are loving every minute of our lives in this beautiful state. However, baking at this altitude has been a new challenge. In order to learn how to bake a cake (one of my first goals) and meet new people, I researched cake decorating classes in the local area and joined the most amazing classes. Dez teaches the classes at her bakery called The Makery. These classes have been such a wonderful experience in a no-fail environment. Dez is a talented baker and decorator whose vision of sharing her craft in her own bakery is simply awesome! Check out her cakes. They are amazing!

So, after 32 years of teaching in California, I am turning a new leaf that is soooo sweet! I would love to hear from you if you are a high altitude baker, or any kind of baker or decorator, and would love to share your experiences as well as mine!

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