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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Love those blogs!!!

Cannot believe how much time I can spend reading all the wonderful blogs on baking! Really hoping for a new Kitchen Aid 600 mixer for Christmas!!! Daughter Kelly could also use one. So, how do you get one when the hubby is not listening? Try this wonderful site:Half Baked
Half Baked

Can you believe it? $150 gift certificate to Crate and Barrel!! Sure hope I win this one!

While you are on the Half Baked blog check out the very informative article about how many eggs it takes to bake a cake. Hmm...I love the science of baking!

One site I cannot live without is The Sweet Adventures of SugarBelle (really, how can you not love it just from the name?).
Sweet Sugar Belle
Although my greatest passion is cakes, I cannot resist trying my skills on some of the cookie tutorials. SugarBelle walks you through each cookie in a way that even I cannot totally fail!

Check out her El Dia de Los Muertos cookies. I know it is not Halloween but still...

I promise to get on topic and bring you some wonderful holiday cakes and sweets in my next blog. So many sweets, so little time...

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