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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Olympics are Coming....

I don't know how anyone can not be excited about the upcoming Olympics. I don't care so much about the rivalry between the countries but more about seeing such awesome physical feats. I am amazed every 4 years when I see what the youth of our planet are dedicated to, and spending hours of practice to perfect! And I know for a fact that the Olympics are the place to be to learn more about other cultures and find the similarities among peoples.

Also, I feel challenged in the only area that I can make something exciting to reflect the Olympic spirit!! (Armchair athlete, right?)

After spending some serious time searching my favorite sites I have a few to share with you. Each of these look like something you could replicate easily and some even have step by step directions (LOVE THOSE!) or purchased/printed items!

On The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle is a tutorial for making your gold medal cookies really shine!
Seeeeee...... So cute!

Check out the directions at Sugarbelle's site!

And, of course, Cupcakes Take the Cake, has already done her research and found some great Olympic ideas and kits that are available through Amazon for decorating! I love the torches and the rings on the cupcakes! She has many ideas to review so do go to her site. You will find something you like I'm sure!

From Party Pinching

Just when I'm deep in my research I realize there is a huge snag, as always! Check out the situation in England where the Olympics are being held! I do truly understand and support copyright but I'm sad to hear that the Olympic symbols are not to be used on any cakes, cupcakes, cakepops, or anything else. Boo! 

So, what can you do? Well, each of the sports is not copyrighted! The torch, the medals, the colors, the equipment, and the action are not copyrighted. Go for it!!

Sweetology has an adorable Olympic Torch cone cake! Kids always love cone cakes. What is better than cupcakes and ice cream cones??

On Good To Know Recipes we have a much more elaborate torch that took time and lots of skill. It is adorable but don't know if my patience is long enough to produce enough of these. 

This same recipe  and picture are on Victorious Cupcake. The directions are included for making this adorable cupcake. Now that I have more information I might be trying these. I just have to have those directions to be brave enough to pull something like this out of the hat! 

And speaking of copyright...what is up here? 

Now for those sports that we so enjoy in the summer Olympics. Found a great site with decorations already made for you! My idea of a good, easy and cute solution!!

On Cake Craft Shop you will find the most wonderful ideas and items to purchase. Check some of these out! I love the discs with the different sports!

Are you interested in FREE??? These printable decorations are free from Hoosier Homemade!!

Skip on over to Flicker to take a look at Ally Cake Designs' adorable set of gymnasts on top of her cupcakes. With a little color change they could easily represent the Olympics, right? Tumble on over to take a look since I cannot share the picture! "Copyright" seems to be the lesson of the day, right??

Three more days to get those cakes and cupcakes ready for the opening ceremony!! Wow! I'd better get serious in the kitchen!!


  1. YESSSS!!! I LOVE this post! Wish I had the forethought to throw an opening ceremonies party!

    Those gymnasts over at Ally Cake Designs are soooo cute/hilarious!

    And, I have to share one last site that I have been drooling over all week:

    Gosh I wish I had made more time for this! Thanks for the line-up!
    Love you {and ice cream cone cupcakes}

    1. Thanks for the link to Heather Cristo. Now I better make something special! Maybe after the 60 cupcakes & giant cupcake cake due on Friday!

  2. I love this! Thank you, Kitty! I would love to try some of the ideas for decorations and yummy looking cupcakes. Go Olympians...