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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

While Visions of Sugarplums...

I know I shouldn't brag but I am. My husband is so caring and giving that he kinda' goes nuts at Christmas. Among the many (too many) wonderful gifts he gave me was the mixer of my dreams in my new basement decorating kitchen. I am truly a lucky girl! Isn't she a beauty?
Yes, she is a 7 Quart Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer!! You know all those blogs about enter here or there to win a new one? I did win one. I married a man who listens to me! 

I haven't named her yet... will have to spend some time together before I will know the right name. Any ideas?

My wonderful daughters know of my new obsession and sent me a great embossing stamp with "From the kitchen of Kitty S" on it! Love it! Can't wait to have my name on the packaging! They also sent me one non-cooking related item that I will show you also! Go Broncos!!


  1. Wow, what a sweetheart Mike is.... but you do deserve it... Lucky you!

  2. And what a wonderful present from your girls...

  3. Congrats Kitty! You will looooove your new mixer. Enjoy turning out those wonderful goodies! Mike is the best.
    What great gifts from the girls as well.

  4. You are both correct. Mike is wonderful and I am a lucky girl. My girls are the best also! Now on to more baking!

  5. Enjoy! I've had mine for 31 years and have enjoyed many goodies including breads, eclairs, and more!

  6. Debbie Mac, I had a kitchen aid for many years, then a Bosch, and now back to Kitchen Aid. I still have my Bosch but it cannot handle the large volume that my new KA can. It does bread wonderfully though. I'm so glad you are checking into my blog. I hope you enjoy it!