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Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Years Eve Plans

I've never been a big New Years celebrator. I've only "gone BIG" for New Year's Eve one time in my life and it was o.k.  That's all, just o.k. Looking at the "Sparkling Dinner Party" above makes me wish I was into the holiday, but what I really like to do on New Years is spend time at home with my family. I just want to make it a special time for us. Making it a special time to look forward in anticipation of the new year while relishing the events of the past year is ideal. Having a quiet, reflecting time to look at picture albums, play dominoes or cards with family, share each others music and dance together wildly, then watch a special movie, cuddle on the couch and wait for midnight (Zzzz...) is my perfect celebration.

I do like to have special treats around for this evening and for New Year's Day. I've picked up some sparkling pink lemonaid at the store, have a great recipe for a Lemon Drop, and I'm really thinking of trying some new muchies like Poppychow and Roasted Chickpeas. However, my greatest thoughts are about a small cake to celebrate the evening.

Poppychow has popcorn, chocolate & PB!                         Roasted chickpeas are yummy and healthy!
I'm torn between a sparkling white champagne cake or a deep dark chocolate ganache cake. I've decided on gold and silver decorations and streamers but need to settle on the flavor. I will post the results tomorrow, so stay tuned...

What will you be serving for New Year's Eve? Traditional or contemporary? Wild or homey? I would love to hear your ideas for the perfect New Year's Eve celebration. 


  1. Being that we are taking dessert to friends tomorrow night, I opted for a healthy spin on a really delicious carrot cake. It did not get the 'air' that I was used to with the recipe, but I substituted some applesauce for some of the oil and I substituted flax seed meal for eggs (used a mix of the two). I think the 'healthy' part took away from the presentation. But, now I can justify enjoying the cream cheese frosting, knowing I cut back on eggs and oil! Let's hope it tastes ok. I'm making a homemade chocolate cake just in case! dmac - postings aren't working too well!

  2. turns out you passed along this lack of enthusiasm for NYE on to your gorgeous daughters because both Meggy and I have chosen our couches/movies/music/delicious treats over the raucous parties that we have been invited to...ooops!
    That said, I have been salivating and dreaming about making that poppychow since you posted it earlier...thanks for being my enabler.

  3. Beautiful table setting! I too, am a bit of a hermit on New Year's Eve. I usually just spend it with family and eat the homemade appetizers I slaved over a hot stove all day to make! Oh and usually there is some champagne involved, too!

  4. So, Unknown, how did your cake turn out on New Years? Did you have a fantastic time? Glad you are following me now!

  5. Kelly, the poppychow is so worth it. It is easy to make, could be modified simply (some nuts maybe) and is delicious!